Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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EBC Dealer Spotlight: Florida-based, Let’s Glow LED

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Dan and Juli Worthington dreamed of developing a fun, more exciting way to do bike safety. Adorning bikes and accessories with LED lights, to help riders be seen at night, the Florida-based dealer Kickstarted Let’s Glow LED. Along the way they found a colorful community of riders and today they install LED lights on bikes and golf carts, organize neighborhood rides, as well as sell and rent EBC e-bikes to locals and tourists.

Why did you choose EBC?

“We spent six months researching quality e-bikes before purchasing our personal bikes. We came to the conclusion that EBC was the only company with USA-manufactured bikes, and with a REAL warranty. Once we test drove, we were hooked.”

What has been your experience working with EBC’s Customer Service?

“EBC has world-class customer service. They treat customers and dealers like they were helping their own grandmother.”

Do you have a wall or kiosk system, and how does it work in your store?

“We were one of the first dealers to have the interactive design wall. We have found it to be very valuable in helping customers choose their options and colors.”

What do your customers think of EBC? 

“Well built, comfortable, built in the USA, great customer service, and rides like a Rolls-Royce for bikes, are a few comments we’ve heard from our customers. They also love the number of options they can choose from.”

Does being an EBC Dealer bring customers to your store? 

“Yes, for the customers that have done their research. For other customers, they are surprised when they see the sample bikes outside and in-store. They often inquire for more information on EBC. We also provide rentals that are all EBC e-bikes. Once they have ridden them, they are more inclined to purchase or request additional information. We have a large winter tourism audience here in Florida, and we tell them that they can visit their nearest EBC dealer or simply order them online.”

What has been your experience watching customers design and customize their bikes?

“The looks on their faces tell it all. It’s like the creative side of their brain has woken up. We’ve had them design bikes and turn around and ask if they can design a few more.”

The Let’s Glow team is riding bright and we’re grateful for the glimpse at their EBC dealer experience. Navigate over to the Let’s Glow LED website to learn more, and be sure to stop by their retail location should you be in the Clearwater area.


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