Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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EBC Accessories Spotlight: Basil Double Bag

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Looking for a gift for a new E-Bike owner? Or want to add some serious style and utility to your own cruiser? Look no further than the Basil Double Bag. These pannier-style bags are available in three different colors – Basil Bohème vibrant blue with a stylish bohemian print, Basil Bohème poppy red with a whimsical flower print, and the Basil GO in utilitarian black for straight up style.

Each of these fashionable double-sized or pannier bags allows you to store larger items and a whole host of daily essentials – perfect if you’re a commuter or you simply like to be prepared for any eventuality. Transport your groceries back from the store without having to lug a backpack around, keep an umbrella handy, take your tablet or laptop with you without the worry of them getting wet. 

Basil bags are constructed from durable polyester and are made to be waterproof – perfect for keeping your picnic items in mint condition! All Basil Double Bags come with the Universal Bridge system – which means they’re compatible with MIK. The pre-mounted adapter plate is included with both the blue and black models and fits seamlessly onto the MIK Rear Cargo Carrier or the MIK Carrier Plate.  And, as you know, the MIK System makes it quick and easy to click anything you want onto your luggage carrier – and then remove it with ease when you’re done.

Here’s Blake from EBC showing you just how easy it is to add and remove the Basil Boheme Double Bag with the MIK adapter.

Did you know?

Pannier is a Middle English word that originated from Old French panier, from the Latin panarium meaning breadbasket, and from panis meaning bread. It literally means “a large basket for bread” – so make sure you pick up a baguette or a fresh loaf to carry home in your Basil Double Bag!

Check out the full range of MIK compatible products on our website today.

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