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E-Bikes Make Bicycling for Everyone

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If you have yet to read the latest E-Biking article on, you are in for a treat. guides you through all the different kinds of E-Bikes and literally tours the country by bicycle in their E-Bike coverage. Read the article for the details behind the following summary. 


E-Bikes Made for Me & You

No matter your fitness level or your cycling ability, E-Bikes make it easy for any rider of every level to hop in the saddle and get peddling, according to the article. The pedal-assist bikes make it effortless to keep up with more advanced riders while still allowing you to get some exercise and to enjoy the outdoors.


Choices Galore: Gravel E-Bike to Cruiser explores the advantages of the Electric Bike Company’s gravel E-Bike, also known as Model R. This E-Bike makes it possible to travel dirt roads and rugged trails thanks to its fat tires and suspension. You can go the distance with a powerful motor.


And if you’re interested in a more casual approach to E-Biking, you might like our cruiser models. You can REALLY custom build your E-Bike with us. We will design and then hand-build your personalized bike right here in Newport Beach, California. How cool is that?


Coast to Coast on E-Bike

The E-Bike article sends you off in style by listing the great cycling trails across our country – literally across the country starting with The Great American Rail Trail spanning from coast to coast. Along with the Yellowstone National Park loop and the Ohio to Erie Canal trail, the Rail Trail will keep you and your E-Bike busy. Summer is calling!


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10 reasons to choose EBC

10 Reasons to Choose EBC

1. Made in USA: (Parts, Tools, Engineers, 24/7 Customer Service) That’s right! We build all our bikes right here in