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E-Bike Etiquette

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We think you’ll agree that electric bikes are an awesome invention… But with them comes responsibility. E-Bikes are faster, heavier and a lot more powerful than regular bikes, so you need to make sure you understand the added responsibility that comes with riding one.

  1. Take it slow – when you’re out on trails passing pedestrians, kids on scooters and regular bikes, slow down and make sure you give everyone lots of space. Passing at a slower speed means you’ll be able to adjust at the last minute to avoid hitting someone who doesn’t know you’re there.
  2. Let them know you’re coming – use your bell! Or simply say “on your left”. People appreciate the opportunity to get out of the way – or a least to be prepared.
  3. Understand the regulations – rules around electric biking are different in different states. Know your local speed limits and make sure you understand your area’s specific E-Bike legislation.
  4. Be polite – as an E-Biker, you’re an ambassador of sorts. People love to hate what they don’t like or what they’re afraid of, and you can make sure that E-Bikers have a good reputation by observing simple courtesies. A smile and a wave go a long way!
  5. Use your head – don’t go speeding past regular bike riders on hills. It’s not polite and it’s not cool. It’s ok to pass at a safe distance but do so at a sensible speed and let them know you appreciate them making space for you.
  6. The regular rules apply – it’s just common sense. Always wear a helmet and if you’re riding at night, make sure you consider reflective clothing and appropriate lights for your bike.
  7. Stick to the right trails – there are plenty of trails and paths offering enough width for electric bikes to pass others easily. Consider staying away from single track trails unless you’re prepared to dismount often to allow others to pass. And don’t race past horses – you’ll spook them and their riders.
  8. Assume drivers don’t see you – most drivers don’t expect bikes to go that fast, so they often don’t make adequate allowances for electric bikes. Take extra care and make yourself as visible as possible.
  9. Let faster riders pass – if you prefer to ride at a slower pace and take in the scenery, you might want to pull off to the side to let others pass.
  10. Above all, use your eyes and ears – always keep your wits about you. Be prepared to react quickly to keep yourself and others safe.

We know you’ll agree that it’s important to keep E-Biking safe and enjoyable for everyone. Observing a few simple rules and being respectful of others will make sure that E-Bikers continue to be allowed to ride where they want.

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