Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Electric Bike Company

Combining luxury and leisure with conscious consumerism, Electric Bike Company is paving the way for the next mode of transportation.

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Dealer Profile: Moke America, Virginia Beach

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If you’ve been riding EBC for a while, using our accessories, or reading our emails, you’ll know we’re super passionate about getting as many EBC bikes into stores.

Our incredible dealers allow us to spread our love for electric bikes while serving more of you across America.

At an EBC Dealer, you can test drive, design, pick up, and enquire on all things EBC.

Our Virginia Beach Dealer, Moke America Virginia Beach, serves the area and we are proud to share.

Virginia’s coastal city is the ideal spot for beach cruising, surfing, and exploring. We know it’s a place you love, which is why we work alongside Moke America Virginia Beach to ensure all your needs are met.

We sat down with the owners of Moke America Virginia Beach to learn more about them and their opinion on electric bikes.

After 40 years in the car industry, Moke America’s owner decided to try something new. Going electric, he began stocking golf carts, mokes, and then electric bikes.

“What a stroke of luck the best electric bike company around!” We’re blushing.

Electric bikes are surging in popularity and show no signs of slowing down.

“Business is out of control”

And people seem to love the whole try before you buy things.

“The TV order process makes it fun and easy to build their bike and to touch and feel all the accessories makes it an easy choice to pick colors and equipment.”

It’s not just EBC enthusiasts that love learning about electric-powered bikes.

“We have lots of customers that know nothing about E-bikes and love the ease of demonstration and our knowledgeable staff spends quality time explaining the entire bike, warranty and make it a fun purchase for our customers”

R and S are the most popular models. We’re not surprised.

E-bikes are flying off the shelves!

“We sell about 100 units a month”

And these bikes don’t require much salesmanship

“They sell themselves because of the versatility and power above and beyond the conventional bike.”

Plus, Moke America Virginia Beach has everything you need for a wild time on the Virginia coast…

”We rent and sell FUN! Golf carts, paddle boards, kayaks, regular bikes, Mokes, Vanderhall and Orieon beach buggies”

They’ve sold us on a trip to Virginia, what about you?

If you’re in Virginia Beach, why not pop by Moke America Virginia Beach? Browse our stock, chat with the staff, and have a ride on one of our most popular models. And don’t forget to share your experience on the EBC Facebook Page!



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