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Customer Spotlight- RJ

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For our next Customer Spotlight, we want to show our appreciation to one of our loyal customers RJ who explains his experience on receiving his own Model C.


THE DECISION It took me 1 year to make the decision and I have no buyers remorse at all. Why it took a year to make a decision: (1) I wanted an eBike that had front and rear lights as a standard feature, (2) a comfortable seat, (3) minimal assembly, (4) price point had to be reasonable, (5) fit for commuting on paved roads, (6) also didn’t want to deal with many gears or pants getting caught in chains. A side consideration was that I didn’t want the bike to look like a racing bike or an off road mountain bike, as my sole purpose is to commute to work (5 miles each way). THE ORDERING Smooth, even with post order changes. I thought I configured everything that I wanted but added the Suntour seat post for additional comfort, particularly after seeing videos on it. I thought the process would be hectic and arduous but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use their chat system, and have the additional item configured with the bike. I received a photo of the finished product which was encouraging and disappointing. It was exciting to see the completed eBike but disappointing that I had to wait for delivery, this is not a problem with EBC but rather eagerness to want it now. RECEIVING and RIDING As advertised, the eBike is fully assembled, the videos at their FAQ are helpful but I found “gold”, lots of useful information at the bottom of their Contact page, it has the Quick Start and User Manuals, LCD Manual and more. Adjustments were easy, four items to adjust: (1) handle bar, (2)steering wheel, (3) seat and (4) LCD display. I also adjust the bolts everyday for one week to make sure everything settles in and is tightened. If you order a basket I’d recommend re-tightening the screws too. The first ride was exciting particularly with the PAS, it really zooms, also take their advice and use PAS level 1-3 to start, and get familiar with the braking. I found roughly 55% pressure on right/rear break and 45% pressure on left/front brakes keeps the bike in good stopping control. After charging the battery, I also take the battery inside the house so it doesn’t have to contend with garage temperatures at night, probably overkill to do this, but I like the fact that I can slide the battery out to do this. I have been riding my Model C eBike since September 13, 2019, and have been the talk and envy of my office, people love the look and ride of the eBike (I let co-workers ride the bike, most of them didn’t peddle but rather use the throttle, and love it). The bike itself is deceivingly larger than expected, being 5’8” it’s a comfortable fit, I like the upright seating position. The bike seems longer than a comparable mountain bike. OVERALL I looked at bikes from Stark, Rad Bicycle, Super 73, Pedego, and many others from local bike shops, and read many articles on electric bikes. Other eBikes would need optional equipment to be added to complete with the standard offering at EBC, and others are priced significantly more than EBC bikes. After a year of deliberating, I came to the conclusion that the standard features with the Model C eBike from Electric Bike Company fit all my criteria. Best purchasing decision and no buyers remorse. -RJ
Thank you for your all your support RJ.
Safe travels and happy riding.
-EBC Family

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