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Customer Spotlight- Rebecca

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At Electric Bike Company we have been fortunate to be a part of a strong community that is willing to share their testimonials and motivational stories. As a way to illustrate just how remarkable our customers are, we are introducing a Customer Spotlight to showcase some of the stories and comments that have greatly impacted the Electric Bike Family. In this week’s Customer Spotlight we want to showcase Rebecca, a strong intelligent woman who was able to change a tragedy into an opportunity to teach us a powerful lesson on resourcefulness. What moved us about Rebecca’s story was how apt she was in a moment of crisis. When a major flood struck her island the whole community was affected. In Rebecca’s case her house was without power for 20 days. How Rebecca was able to weather this troubling situation was to use her Model S not only as a method of transportation to get around town, but also used the battery as a source of power to charge her phone and fan.

If you want to hear more about Rebecca’s story or other EBC Bike Owners, please head over to the EBC Bike Owner Page on Facebook and join the community








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