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Customer Spotlight- Mike

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Here at Electric Bike Company we read and appreciate all the reviews that we receive. In this Testimonial we would like to shoutout Mike who writes about his journey in purchasing one of our bikes and how he uses them for not but for traveling and vacationing, but also as a mode of transportation to fulfill errands.


My wife and I have been riding bikes with electric assist for many years. I have built several from the ground up dating back to the 1990’s dealing with companies like Wilderness energy. All have had some quirks that my wife had to get used to. When we retired to Virginia Beach, VA., we decided to switch to beach cruisers, I considered building a couple using the parts from vendors in China but I quickly became discouraged as I am about 6’3” and 290 lbs. I could not find a frame I trusted to stand up to my size. I decided to start looking at the bikes on Amazon/eBay & Ali Baba. I noticed they all were from the same manufacturers that I was looking at to build my bike. And I got specs (for the same frames) where they were rated for 260lbs up to 350lbs. Who was telling the truth? That was frustrating. I spent the time going through numerous bike reviews. Most of the reviews were of those same Chinese made e-Bikes and they all had the same look and feel and performance. Then about three months ago I started seeing reviews for Electric Bike Company and their US assembled bikes [Using Global Materials] with a 10 Year warranty on the frame and motor. Every reviewer was first impressed with the packaging the bikes came in, then they were impressed that the bike was ready to ride with three small adjustments to the steering, and then almost every reviewer was very impressed with the single speed bike’s performance. This made me look up the company (in business since 2014) I decided to try and chat with them and maybe give them a call… I chatted with (Paul) on the website and he answered all my questions, I did more research and later I was able to call and talk to a real person (Paul) about the bikes some more. After a couple of days further research I placed an order (August 9th) for Two bikes, A Model C for me and a Model S for my wife. We customized them and Paul was able to work with me on the cost and shipping. On August 29th my bikes were shipped from California to Virginia. ON September 9th we received our bikes and I have to say they are the best e-Bikes I have ridden to date. My wife and I usually rode for 4 to 6 miles daily to do our errands on our old bikes, but now we not only do our errands, but we make many side trips just to ride for fun (about 11-14 miles a day). We ride on Pedal assist level 2 and cruise the beaches, neighborhoods, shopping centers and anywhere there is a bike route in Virginia Beach. The Bike is Solid, Sturdy, Powerful and a head turner on the beach. We are constantly being asked about the bikes. And we tell them if you are like us and want a great fun/commuting vehicle where you can leave your car parked, you need to checkout EBC. We are both glad we did.
We’re glad that you enjoy your bikes Mike!
Happy riding and safe travels,
– EBC Family

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