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Customer Spotlight- Harvey

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For this Testimonial, we want to thank another supportive customer, Harvey who shares his story on how he came to purchase an EBC Bike.

I live in the Eastern part of Virginia and after researching bikes on the internet, visiting shops in my local area and talking to Paul and Sean at EBC, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Model S from Electric Bike Company! I was a little apprehensive about their claims but their price and their warranty can’t be beat! After a week I was notified that my bike was being shipped by Roadrunner freight and I was given a tracking number! It was really neat watching the bike travel from Hunting Beach to Richmond, Va in three days! It arrived in Richmond (100 miles from me) on a Saturday and I figured it would rest over the weekend so I let it “sleep” till Monday morning! Monday morning it was dropped of at National Delivery which after doing some research I found out that they did not deliver in my area so I called them to find out what the status was! They were going to send it to Parcel Delivery Express, which after some more research I found out that they didn’t deliver in my area either! Soooo, I called National back and asked them if they would hold it for me to pick it up there! Then I drove my truck the 100 miles to Richmond and picked it up and brought it home! The next morning, I uncreated it and just as promised there was my nice, new, shinny bike just as I ordered! I put the box in the barn in case I needed to ship it back for some reason! I have spent the last several days fine tuning the handle bars, seat, tires (pressure) and controller to fit my needs all to the tune of about 75 miles. The bike is built very well and everything that you could imagine has been addressed! The one thing that I was concerned about was the lack of gears but Sean convinced me I didn’t need them and he was right! I bought the small battery and it will outlast my butt so I am satisfied with that, also! In my 72 years, it is very refreshing to find a company in the US that takes pride in their product and listens to their customers and delivers a quality product in the end! If the warranty is as good as the rest of the company then they will be around for a long time! They are helping make America great! Thank you, Sean, Paul and Christina for building and shipping me a beautiful bike! I think I can recycle the box now because I don’t think I will be needing it!
Thank you for your support, Harvey!
Safe travels and happy riding,
-EBC Family

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