Customer Review: Display Settings
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Customer Review: Display Settings

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We love getting feedback from customers! Read the extensive review below from Joseph:

Here is my ride today on bike and battery that has about 700 miles on it now!
1) 17 mph Average Speed today
2) 31 mph Max Speed (likely coming off the inter-coastal bridge)
3) 34 Miles of distance today
4) 2 Hours of riding (to dinner and errands and back)
5) 47 volts left at idle, which goes to about 45 volts under full acceleration. So lets say about 45 volts left which is half the useful battery power. (the battery charges to about 52 volts and dies at about 38 volts).

Cruising around at about 18 mph you can comfortably get a 60 mile range on a single charge. And that seems to be a comfortable speed for this beach cruiser on coastal roads that have some pretty rough areas.  You can view the picture of the LCD display that I included. Great display with very useful info.

This bike has a highly adjustable power curve so you can fine tune it for what I would call Max Range (Eco), Mid Range (Normal), and Max Speed (Power). I can adjust between these “self labeled modes” in about 30 seconds (best to do when stopped, but can do while moving although not advised for safety reasons). This would be like adjusting the torque and horsepower setting to get the speed and range and acceleration profile you desire.

I adjusted my bike for a Max Range by programming it via the LCD display to cruise about 14mph in Level 3 and 18mph in Level 4 and 22mph in Level 5 and also use the least acceleration power. This is peddling with basically zero effort, or not peddling at all since I have the throttle adjusted to put out max power of only about 600 watts (which is about half of what it is capable of doing). That said, in the mostly flat terrain of Florida with only occasional hills known as bridges that happen, these settings work amazing for me and give me a power output and range profile that makes me very happy.


At my MAX SPEED power setting where I cruise around at 26mph and have the bike set for max acceleration, I get about 32 miles before the battery is drained. If I slow to 12mph with the MAX RANGE power setting and min acceleration, I can go 80 miles without breaking a sweat!

In my opinion, 26 mph + is fun as is the quick acceleration, but hitting rough road patches at that speed not fun and the battery drain from the acceleration not worth it. So for me, that is just too fast on the bike paths and coastal roads and sidewalks. And 12 mph is flat out too slow for me and my butt also agrees after about 2 hours non stop in the saddle that 12 mph is too slow. The saddle is comfy and I last about 2 hours in it before I begin to squirm, which says a lot for a bike seat!

I find 16mph to 22mph the perfect speed range and even having the lowest acceleration setting works fine as it is reasonable to get me going with a smile each time. If I am in a hurry and want to save time, I go to Level 5 and cruise at 22mph . That is plenty quick for me and still keeps me above a 40 mile range. And if I want to not be in a hurry and get better range like I did today, I find 18mph in Level 4 to be a happy speed.


That also leads me to comment on quality. This bike is built like a tank. I been hitting some pot holes at times and other road debris that you just can’t avoid at these speeds, especially at night. The bike takes the jolt better than me most times! And the rims are still straight and nothing has flown off the bike, which amazes me!


I love this bike.  I must say. My Electric Bike Company bicycle may be the best purchase I ever made. I use it as my daily driver all around the Clearwater to St Pete area of Florida.  And the team at EBC has been wonderful at answering my questions and helping me understand how to program my bike to suit my goals.


Customer Review: Display Settings
Customer Review: Display Settings

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