Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Customer Profile: Eric Kuyper

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“My bicycle represents freedom unlike any vehicle has provided me.”

A 53-year-old army veteran living in Santa Ana, California, Kuyper had been a cycling enthusiast long before he got his first E-bike. He can ride an entire day when his schedule is clear and the weather allows it, and his favorite trail is 55 miles long.

From 0 to 30,000

Four years ago, Kuyper began his search for an E-bike. He tested several brands, looking for a solid cruiser with a well-integrated electrical system. Just when he had found one he liked, his wife’s co-worker recommended EBC, and after riding the Model S, he was instantly sold.

The gender-neutral design fits his style to a T, as well as the battery protected by heavy gauge 6061 aluminum. Above all, the step-through was his favorite feature, enabling him to easily mount and dismount. When asked about his thoughts, he said, “Step-through is truly the new black.”

Today, Kuyper continues to be amazed at his bike’s reliability, marveling, “I have never had a battery for any device last this long while retaining this much of its original capacity.” After a few accidents he has broken a collarbone and needed several stitches, but his cruiser has only ever needed minor repairs. Four years later and he has ridden just shy of 30,000 miles commuting to work, grocery shopping, and traveling around his favorite trails.

Kuyper is one of many cyclists that have transitioned to using their E-bike daily. To hear from other EBC bikers, visit our Facebook Page today.

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