Electric Bike Company has many unique features. One of the many features is custom designing your ebike. This allows you to build your perfect ebike. In a few simple steps, you can have your own, custom ebike.

  1. Select “Custom Order” on the front page
  2. Choose your frame style: Model C or Model S
    Model C – A classic-looking style frame
    Model S – A step-through, beach cruiser style frame
    Both models are the same size
  3. Choose a color: Black, White, or Red
    Orange is available for both models.
    Silver is available for Model S.
    Please contact us for further details.
  4. Select special options: Rims, Trim, Seat and Grips, Basket, Battery, Fenders, Seat post
    The picture on the left will show your customized ebike
  5. Additional accessories are available on the Accessories page.
  6. Add to cart and check out! We will email you with an estimated completion date.

For more information, visit ElectricBikeCompany.com or email info@electricbikecompany.com