Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Electric Bike Company

Electric Bike Company

Combining luxury and leisure with conscious consumerism, Electric Bike Company is paving the way for the next mode of transportation.

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Checking Out Reviews Before Purchase

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Considering buying an EBC E-Bike? Awesome! A great way to get an idea about which EBC model might be right for you is to check out our customer reviews.  There are more than 700 reviews on Trustpilot, 250 on Google, a few on Facebook, and more than 20 video reviews on our YouTube channel.

Many reviewers share their decision-making process – what they were looking for, how they wanted to use their E-Bike, how they researched before making a purchase, why they chose the model they bought, and even why they went with EBC over other electric bike brands. They also share information on accessories and customization options, and how shipping worked for them.

Here’s a sample of the reviews you’ll find on each channel:



“Awesome beach cruiser!! I did a lot of research before choosing an electric bike. I watched YouTube reviews and settled on The Electric Bike Company. The parts they use are high quality and the customer support has a quick response time and is very helpful. I highly recommend using them. I’m going to buy the suspension seat post next. I purchased the Model Y. The only thing I wish I had been recommended was the suspension forks as an upgrade which would have made the ride even smoother. So that’s my recommendation. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do!”

Amy Dunn, Trustpilot



“What a joy it has been riding our EBC Bikes. My wife and I ordered last summer and received them in October. We didn’t get to enjoy them long as the Michigan winters are long. But it is amazing how fun these bikes are. The quality is beyond exceptional. I ordered the Model C and my wife ordered the Model S. We have been stopped many times by people wondering what kind of bikes these are. Our bikes are very powerful, with a long battery life, with a beautiful industrial looking design. I recommend to anyone looking for a high-quality bike that is incredibly fun. You do get what you pay for. While not outrageously expensive, they are little pricier than some other bikes – especially when you add in options. Once you get your bike(s) and ride them, you know you have an exceptional, fun ride!”

Dan Millar, Google



“I have had my red Model S from EBC for nine months now. You just can’t beat the quality for the price. Plus, there are literally billions of ways to customize any of their bikes with custom color patterns and other options. No other bike company offers so many ways to design your bike to suit your preferences as EBC does…!”

David Ruger, Facebook



Prefer to watch your reviews? No problem! Our YouTube channel has a playlist just for you. With reviews from organizations like Electric Bike Review, Electrified Reviews and Electric Bike Report, you’ll be able to watch objective third-party reviews to learn about our bikes. In addition to our YouTube Channel, each model page on our website has relevant video reviews at the bottom of the page. Just go to the site, click the dropdown menu “Bikes” and scroll down to see relevant video reviews.


As always, if you have questions about which model is right for you, our customer service people are standing by to take your call or interact with you via LiveChat on our website.

If you’re local, please drop in and say hi! We’ll be in all weekend:

  • Electric Bike Company 519 Superior Avenue, Newport Beach Tel: (949)264-4080
  • Electric Bike Company 21501 Brookhurst St, Suite G, Huntington Beach, Tel: (714)594-3321

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