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Combining luxury and leisure with conscious consumerism, Electric Bike Company is paving the way for the next mode of transportation.

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Building Your Bike on a Budget

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Part of the Electric Bike Company‘s mission is to make electric bikes available to all. Only by increasing the availability of E-bikes will we be able to cut carbon emissions and make riding America’s favorite mode of transport. 

This is why we offer low-cost options for all our most popular models and colors.

Our frame, fork, and chain guard stock colors, redwhite, and black, cost $0! You’ll see these super popular colors are the first offered in the customization process.


Color Customizer


You get all the fun of customizing without paying the added price!

All bike models are offered in red, white, or black makes it ideal for those buying on a budget, still unsure about making a purchase, or want their E-bike to arrive quickly and ready to ride! 

Our stock options extend to most of our accessories too. Front Baskets offered in Silver or Black as stock colors are lower in price than the custom painted option. We have you covered throughout your bike build ensuring you can stick to the advertising price, that’s our promise.

We always ensure to be fully stocked with stock colors because we know how keen our customers are eager to hit the road and ride! 

Need help with your custom bike build? Contact our Customer service team today, we will walk you through all the options to best suit your E-Bike budget.

Click here to get started! 

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