Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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A Crystal Clear Display

When taking your E-bike out for the first or one-hundredth time, having a user-friendly control panel at your fingertips ensures an enjoyable ride. The LCD Color Screen is equipped on every EBC bike model and has helpful functions for everyone. Whether you ride your bike long distances, use it to commute to school or work, or enjoy scenic rolls around …

A Wheelie Good Time

Model Y with all the extras. Photo courtesy of Alexa Paige Whether you’re new to E-bikes or a cruising veteran, there are always ways to improve your experience. While we pride ourselves on giving you the ultimate control over your bike’s design, our priority will always be your wellbeing. This week, we have prepared seven tips to help you take charge …

Make This Mother’s Day Mum-Believable

Don’t panic, it’s not Mothers Day yet… (it’s May 9th) But the time to order your mother an E-bike is now. With a lead delivery time of approximately 6-7 weeks, her stylish cruiser will arrive right when needed. It is hard to find a gift that sums up the appreciation you have for your mother, but we have a suggestion …

Blooming With Good Vibes

The season all bikers look forward to has arrived! Warming weather has a way of making our hearts lighter and our bodies restless. Shake off the cold winter and spring clean your E-bike for 2021 with some EBC accessories to make your outings both functional and fashionable.  Put the Petal to the Metal… …And never lose your phone with the …

Wishin’ You A Pot O’ Gold

Get ready for a pint o’ beer, hunting for clovers, and pinching anyone not repping some Irish pride! Don’t panic if you have nothing green in your closet; we checked with our very own team of leprechauns, and they said a green E-bike would keep you safe from pinching too. With the EBC color customizer, there are countless ways your …

Women and Bikes: More Than Just a Month

Women’s History Month started out as a week, specifically the week of March 7, 1982, and we celebrated “Women’s History Week” every year until 1987 when the country celebrated women’s contributions to the United States of America for the whole month of March. Progress! Now, we devote every month of March to recognizing the achievements women have made throughout American …

Dealer Profile: Ride Oside of Oceanside, CA

From bartending and selling boats in Oceanside Harbor to joining the EBC extended family, Ride Oside of Oceanside, CA is introducing EBC E-bikes built in California throughout the state. You wouldn’t guess their future included selling E-Bikes by the ocean after their 15-year stint selling security systems in Arizona, but their entrepreneurial spirit combined with brick-and-mortar space minutes from home …

E-Bikes Make Bicycling for Everyone

If you have yet to read the latest E-Biking article on, you are in for a treat. guides you through all the different kinds of E-Bikes and literally tours the country by bicycle in their E-Bike coverage. Read the article for the details behind the following summary. E-Bikes Made for Me & You No matter your fitness level …

Our Model History

We started concepting, designing, and building our first two model E-Bikes, the Model C and the Model S. We then added “light” versions, slightly more simple, the Model X and the Model Y, and by request from our more petite customers, the Model M, known as the mini – With 24” wheels, It’s so cute! And after much planning and …

Knock-On Wood

With summer approaching, so too come the outdoor adventures. Self-expression comes in all forms, and we have a unique feature for our 100% customizable E-bikes. Bring out a vintage style with our long-lasting wooden fenders and chain guards made from walnut and maple wood. These wooden features are available on five of our six models, all built to reflect your …

7-Speed vs Direct Drive: What suits me?

Trying to decide between a 7-speed and direct drive e-bike? You can’t go wrong either way, your choice simply depends on your needs. Long hauls with lots of cargo may require a direct drive e-bike because it can go faster despite a lesser range. For a zippier ride with mixed terrain, a 7-speed may be more your vibe despite a …

Checking Out Reviews Before Purchase

Considering buying an EBC E-Bike? Awesome! A great way to get an idea about which EBC model might be right for you is to check out our customer reviews.  There are more than 700 reviews on Trustpilot, 250 on Google, a few on Facebook, and more than 20 video reviews on our YouTube channel. Many reviewers share their decision-making process …

E-Bike Etiquette

We think you’ll agree that electric bikes are an awesome invention… But with them comes responsibility. E-Bikes are faster, heavier and a lot more powerful than regular bikes, so you need to make sure you understand the added responsibility that comes with riding one. Take it slow – when you’re out on trails passing pedestrians, kids on scooters and regular …

Repair, Revitalize, Restore!

Chipped paint? A scratch here and there? A ding you’d rather not be reminded of? Never fear! We’ve just added touch up paint for our EBC stock-colored bikes to our website. Available in black, red and white, this paint is easy to use and comes in a 0.5-ounce bottle. Simply follow our instructions and restore your E-Bike to its former …

Take Your Buddy for a Ride!

EBC Facebook Owners Group Members Jackie Vermeland and Eddie Sanyer shared pics of their comfy pups! If you’re like us, you love your dog(s) – big or small, they’re such amazing companions. So why not take your little guys with you when you head out for an adventure? Pictured above, Electric Bike Company E-Bike owners Jackie Vermeland and Eddie Sanyer …

News… House Bill Would Provide Electric Bicycle Tax Credit

On February 9, 2021, a bill to provide refundable tax credit of up to $1,500 on the purchase of a new E-Bike was introduced to the House. Cleverly named the E-BIKE (Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment) Act, this bill was authored by Congressman Jimmy Panetta (D-Calif.) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) to support the use of electric bikes as …

Connecting You Now…!

Are you an EBC owner? Or are you considering purchasing an EBC electric bike? We highly recommend you join our EBC Bike Owners group on Facebook. This group is like a cool clubhouse for enthusiasts and owners of EBC E-Bikes including the Model C, Model S, Model X, Model Y, Model R, and Model M. Sharing is Caring The EBC …

Our Classic Cruiser – Model C

The Model C from EBC is our classic stand over beach cruiser – a model that’s long been popular with our EBC customers wanting a big, solid electric bike to cruise around on. Like all our models, the Model C is a top-quality E-Bike at an exceptionally good price. We keep our overheads low and our costs minimal by selling …

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