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A Father’s Day to Remember

Fire up the grill and get ready for some crazy puns, Father’s Day is coming on June 20th. In a couple of weeks, the nation will be celebrating dads for all they do. If you are thinking of gift ideas, we have put together a “Best of” Father’s Day gift guide to give you some suggestions. Three Models for Him Show your father how much you appreciate him with a new E-bike this Father’s Day. All EBC models arrive fully built, so he can take it for a spin as soon as it arrives. Our classic model, or Model C, …

World Bike Day

Yesterday, people around the globe celebrated World Bike Day. While the holiday is still relatively new, it continues to grow in popularity every year as it promotes healthy living and sustainable transportation. You can find events locally, nationally, and globally to participate in, even after the day has passed.  The EBC family is a huge fan of this holiday, and we are excited to celebrate with you! Deep Dive into World Bike Day The bicycle was invented back in the 1800s, but believe it or not, World Bike Day is only a few years old. Made official in 2018 by …

Customer Profile: Eric Kuyper

“My bicycle represents freedom unlike any vehicle has provided me.” A 53-year-old army veteran living in Santa Ana, California, Kuyper had been a cycling enthusiast long before he got his first E-bike. He can ride an entire day when his schedule is clear and the weather allows it, and his favorite trail is 55 miles long. From 0 to 30,000 Four years ago, Kuyper began his search for an E-bike. He tested several brands, looking for a solid cruiser with a well-integrated electrical system. Just when he had found one he liked, his wife’s co-worker recommended EBC, and after riding …

Service at Your Door

We have some exciting news! You can now have a mechanic come right to your home to get service for your EBC E-bike. We have partnered with Velofix to bring you a mobile bike shop of mechanics trained to service all our models. They are all over the United States. When working with Velofix, a van outfitted as a bike mechanics workshop will arrive at your location operated by a certified professional. If you need assistance with your bike, Velofix will come right to your door. Within the Scope As a growing technical service provider, Velofix currently has over 130 …

Rugged Review

In mid-May, on a warm day in their hometown, Trevor and Beth Page received their first EBC E-bike. Founder of Tesla Owners Online, Trevor ordered the Model R for his wife and took it for a ride around the neighborhood the day it arrived to record their experience for YouTube. Tesla Owners Online was formed to educate people on Tesla and EVs. Don’t miss this chance to hear from one of the most knowledgeable Tesla experts in North America on our electric bike! First Impressions When Beth and Trevor took their E-bike out of the package they immediately fell in …

EBC Dealer: Third Rail eBikes, San Francisco, CA

From new to seasoned bikers, the Third Rail eBikes team loves nothing more than helping people find the cruiser of their dreams. As a lifelong bike commuter, the owner founded Third Rail eBikes to educate people on their options. It has been their mission from opening day to enable customers to make informed purchases. Today, about 1 in every 5 bikes sold is an EBC. EBC Third Rail eBikes Models E-Bikes are growing in popularity for their capability to help riders get over the many hills in San Francisco. The Model R is among the most popular at Third Rail …

From the Beginning

Sean Lupton Smith has been a nature-lover for years. Before he ever conceived EBC, he would devote hours at a time to playing sports, kayaking, doing yoga, and spending time outside with friends and family. Born and raised in South Africa, he appreciates the similar weather in Southern California where he currently lives. Today, his two greatest joys in life are his family and helping people stay healthy through E-biking. The Birth of EBC Before launching EBC, Smith owned 15 restaurants in Atlanta and Tennessee with over 500 employees. After retiring and moving to Southern California, he started doing yoga …

Decisions, Decisions… Which EBC Frame is Right for You?

Wondering which EBC model is going to work best for you? One of the first decisions you need to make is the frame. Here’s the info you need to work out what type of frame will suit you better. Step-Through Frame Step-through frames are popular with both men and women. The lower frame makes it easier to swing your foot through, hop on your EBC bike and go – regardless of your age, physical ability, or height. Most of our E-Bike models offer step-through frames to ensure accessibility and fun for everyone. Step-through bikes are also a good option if …

The Name Game

Customizing your E-bike however you want means bringing your personal style to life; it reflects who you are. Bikers have recognized this, and it is now a trend to name your cruiser as a new form of self-expression. We have listed some customizations to make your E-bike special and a few of our favorite name ideas. From Your Head to Your Front Door If you can think it, we can deliver it. Our COLOR CUSTOMIZER gives you the freedom to create the bike that has been living in your head. We believe that your bike should match you, which is …

Exploring New Horizons

Mobility today involves much more than just a means of transportation. It’s all about enjoying the journey, about removing the stress from your daily travels. E-Bikes offer a whole new lifestyle… one that enables you to experience the joy and ease of getting outside and being active in a relaxing way. Whether you’re in the bustling city streets or on a secluded mountain trail, E-Bikes invite you to explore new horizons, to go further than before, and to appreciate the journey… all while protecting our environment. E-Biking powered by the Electric Bike Company Now with new products and additional functionality …

The People Have Spoken!

EBC’s mission is to give you safe, long-lasting E-bikes that match your style and make you excited to get outside. When we can’t see your reaction in person, we love looking through reviews to read about your experience with our cruisers. Today we are excited to share some of our favorite reviews from members of the EBC family. Hearing about your experiences with our E-bikes is one of our favorite parts of the job. If you haven’t left a review already, we would love to hear from you.

Helmets are Always in Style

Safety is #1. Taking precautions to protect yourself in case of an accident will put your mind, the minds of friends and family, and our minds at ease. Did you know that there are more reasons than safety to wear a helmet? Take a look at EBC’s four main reasons to put one on when you go for a ride. Protect yourself from head/brain injuries The first and biggest reason to wear a helmet is to protect yourself. Did you know they have an effectiveness of 88% in reducing or preventing head injuries? Helmets save the lives of bikers every …

This Is How We Roll!

EBC has spent years developing powerful, stylish E-Bike models for nature lovers, sportspeople, and busy bees like you. After creating one of the best motors in the industry we saw its potential for other equipment too, and immediately started working on a new product. Not long after, our first scooter hit the market. Highlights of the Radical Scooter The Radical Scooter is a great, lightweight alternative for people with little space in their homes. It folds easily, can be carried with a single-arm, and fits in small apartments, RVs, and boats; no need for a garage or shed. Ride sitting …

Summer of Adventures…Get Your Bag Packed!

When you take your E-bike outside, you likely have cargo you need to bring with you. Whether you need a secure space for small items like wallets and phones or a larger space for transporting groceries in bulk, EBC has several options to choose from that will make every day travel more convenient. Carriers for Every Biker MLK Click System:  This system clicks and secures compatible bags and baskets to your EBC luggage carrier. Use it to carry luggage, or bring a furry friend on your next adventure with you. The Basil Buddy Dog Carrier comes with a cover to …

Earth Day Is Here…Let’s Explore!

The day to celebrate Mother Earth and support environmental protection is just around the corner. Tomorrow people will be planting trees, educating themselves on conservation efforts, and taking action in the community. Making a long-term difference is not done in a single day, but achieved through changing our habits. There are countless ways to be kinder to the earth in our day-to-day lives, such as using a vehicle less for regular transportation. When you use an E-bike, you reduce your carbon footprint and make the world a greener place. Photo courtesy of EBC Bike Owner, Christopher Paul Hynes, from EBC Owners Facebook Group …

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