Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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Summer is right around the corner & gas prices are still up…

Save money, get healthy, and go electric! Have you been affected by rising gas prices? I think we all have! Unfortunately, there’s not too much we can do about lowering the cost, but, we can save ourselves money by reducing our gas consumption. Summer is on the horizon, and there’s no better season to experience the adventure of E-biking. Before …

New Arrival! New Teal Blue EBC Helmet!

At EBC, we’re all about staying young, fun, energetic & carefree. And our signature color options are part of what makes us the iconic brand we are. But, riding around on your brightly painted EBC E-bike, showcasing your color combination, and blaring tunes from your portable speaker just isn’t the same when you’re sporting a bland bike helmet. Grey and blacks might suit …

Choose your summer color and E-bike in style!

E-Biking in the summer? You might as well do that with some style! Do you have plans to bike in the summer? Come let’s take your biking experience to the next level. You see, just like you, boring is a “no-no” for us. Especially not during summer when everything is colorful. And in that same spirit, buying your e-bike from …

Dealer Profile: National eBike, Palm Coast, Florida

Located in a landscape of rolling hills, fields of green, and bike trails as far as the eye can see, it made sense to set up shop here. Passionate about electric bikes, the National eBike team decided to cater to this ultra-special group of buyers and riders. Since COVID, the popularity of cycling has soared due to more people wanting …

Save Money on Gas, Ride an E-Bike!

Fed up with splashing the cash on gas? There’s never been a better time to cut carbon emissions and ride instead. Recent global changes have resulted in gas prices soaring. Price increases and the ongoing climate crisis are signs that you need to turn electric. Think how much money you’re spending on gas per week. And remember, this is going …

Building Your Bike on a Budget

Part of the Electric Bike Company’s mission is to make electric bikes available to all. Only by increasing the availability of E-bikes will we be able to cut carbon emissions and make riding America’s favorite mode of transport. This is why we offer low-cost options for all our most popular models and colors. Our frame, fork, and chain guard stock colors, red, white, and black, cost $0! …

Play Your Favorite Tunes & Just Ride!

Our EBC Bluetooth wireless portable speakers will provide you with hours of entertainment wherever you may be. Country music, indie melodies, classic rock, or perhaps even a shuffle of favorites, these speakers will accommodate. Set the soundtrack for your E-Biking adventures. Take a look at our EBC Bluetooth Speaker product demonstration! Perfectly Portable Our Bluetooth Speakers are so convenient and completely …

Extended Protection for Your EBC E-bike

We understand your electric bike is your everything. It’s how you get to work and back, it’s your daily exercise, your escape from every day, and your best adventure companion. So, we know you want to do everything possible to protect your E-bike from any unforeseen mishaps. EBC offers a 10-year motor warranty, and a 5-year battery warranty. But for …

Our Famous EBC tool kit just got an upgrade!

At EBC, we care about making your bike rides as easy as possible. Part of this mission means ensuring you’re fully equipped to deal with any minor bike issues when out and about on the road. That’s why we’re constantly evaluating and upgrading our products to best serve you; like our newly upgraded EBC Tool Kit as an example. The …

E-Bikes in Full Bloom

Biking in Full Bloom with EBC

We love Spring! It is one of our favorite seasons to get outside on our EBC E-Bike’s and see what America has to offer. There’s no better time to bask in the beauty of nature than when everything is in bloom. If you’re keen to get outside and explore fields of wildflowers, twining forestry, and bright blue skies, we have the bike trails …

Make Traveling Easy with Swagman Bike Racks

It’s time to start exploring the great bike trails of America. Grab your car, attach your Swagman Bike Rack and load up the E-Bikes… Let’s start your adventure. The Swagman bike rack is essential for anyone who wants to make the most out of their electric bike. This heavy-duty 59lbs rack can take two bikes up to 60lbs each, and …

March Forward on Your E-Bike

March 13, that is! Yes, it’s already the second Sunday of March, and you know what that means! The start of daylight saving time when we turn our clocks forward one hour. Light Up Your Mornings Sunrise AND sunset will be one hour later on March 13, 2022 than the day before. What does this mean for E-Bike enthusiasts? Well, …

The Sea Otter Classic: The biggest E-Bike event of the year!

Hey, rider! We just wanted to pop into your inbox to let you know, you’re invited to The Sea Otter Classic, the biggest bike event of the year. What? Despite its name, this exciting occasion has little to do with coastal water mammals and a lot to do with enthusiastic bike riders. The Sea Otter Classic is the world’s premium …

EBC Helmet

EBC Helmets: Stay Safe and Stylish!

Our readers and customers know how seriously we take safety. At EBC, safety comes before everything else. We work tirelessly to ensure our bikes are as safe as possible, and our riders know how to correctly navigate the roads while they cruise. Another thing the EBC team is passionate about is style. The EBC community is a group of America’s …

Making the Most of Summer

Cruising down empty streets as the sun turns golden brown. Riding back under street lamps after a delicious dinner with friends. Clearing your head as you absorb the crisp night air. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? In many ways, cycling at dusk can be dreamy! We want to make sure your rides remain blissful. Road safety is essential …

Set the Soundtrack!

Our EBC Bluetooth wireless portable speakers will provide you with hours of entertainment wherever you may be. Country music, indie melodies, or something more classic, or perhaps even a combination of genres, these speakers will accommodate your every need. Set the soundtrack for your E-Biking adventures with your favorite tunes! Take a look at our EBC Bluetooth Speaker product demonstration! …

Back to School: Make it Easy on an E-Bike!

The back-to-school season is rapidly approaching, and the dreaded question of transportation looms in the air. Give your children some much-needed responsibility and put them in charge of making their own way to school this semester. An E-Bike is the solution to your children’s school run, and here’s why: Beat the bus Sure, the bus might alleviate you from the …

Everything you need to know about E-Bike Battery Range & Care

The battery is the beating heart of any electric bike. Understanding your E-bike battery is the key to a long-lasting bike and a smooth ride. Today, we’re talking all things battery and care, so you can understand your E-bike from the inside out. What sets EBC batteries apart from other E-bike batteries? Our batteries are of the highest quality. Every …

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