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Earth Day Is Here…Let’s Explore!

The day to celebrate Mother Earth and support environmental protection is just around the corner. Tomorrow people will be planting trees, educating themselves on conservation efforts, and taking action in the community. Making a long-term difference is not done in a single day, but achieved through changing our habits. There are countless ways to be kinder to the earth in our day-to-day lives, such as using a vehicle less for regular transportation. When you use an E-bike, you reduce your carbon footprint and make the world a greener place. Photo courtesy of EBC Bike Owner, Christopher Paul Hynes, from EBC Owners Facebook Group …

Answering Your Questions

E-bikes have been evolving for over a century, but they are still relatively unknown to the public. EBC is often approached with the same questions when first-time buyers reach out to us. We have assembled a list of the 8 most common questions asked about our cruisers, and answered them so you can become an E-Bike expert! 1. How fast can your E-Bikes go? EBC E-Bikes can reach up to 28 mph with the 1250 watt motor and pedal assist. The speed is dependent on the rider (weight & load) and conditions. 2. How far can a charged e-bike go? …

Try Before You Buy

Rent an e-bike before buying your own. Now is the time to consider purchasing an e-bike for the summer. With six different EBC models available for purchase, testing them in person is the best way to decide on the right one for you. Both our showroom locations at Newport and Huntington Beach offer rentals that you can enjoy for the day. Ride them around town, take them to work, or go on a trail, and try as many as you want before making a final decision! Models to Try The Model C is one of our most popular e-bikes. We …

You Deserve Some Credit

On February 9, 2021, the E-BIKE (Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment) Act was introduced by Congressman Jimmy Panetta and Earl Blumenauer. This bill would provide a refundable tax credit of up to $1,500 when consumers purchase a new e-bike. If passed, electric bikes would become more accessible, and carbon emissions would drop drastically with their rise in popularity. What the Proposal Includes The consumer tax credit created by the E-BIKE Act would cover 30% of a new e-bike $8,000 or less, and is fully refundable. The next time you apply for money back from the IRS, you could …

EBC Dealer: Trinity Cyclery of Grover Beach, CA

Open since November 25th, 2005, Trinity Cyclery is run by two siblings that have loved bike riding since childhood and agree that they are both “very technically minded.” Since becoming a member of the family, the two have found that customers gravitate towards EBC bikes for their high quality, reassuring warranty, and quick delivery time. Today, EBC bikes make up over half of their e-bike sales. EBC Trinity Cyclery Models The Model R is a go-to among Trinity Cyclery customers  for its comfort and suspension. In a message sent to EBC, the owners of the store said, “That bike appeals …

Some Benefits To Charge You Up

Your E-bike is serving you in more ways than one. Some advantages may seem obvious, while others you may have never thought of. After evaluating all the reasons E-bikes are awesome, we’ve narrowed them down to share with you today. Here are our Top 5 benefits of riding an E-bike. 1. Save Money By leaving your car at home, you skip the need to fill it with gas regularly. Whether you are commuting or out enjoying nice weather, your E-bike can take you to dozens of destinations before it needs to be recharged. If you struggle to balance a busy …

Dealer Profile: Burn The Ships Electrics of Hermosa Beach, CA

On “the intersection of outdoors and technology,” you can find Burn The Ships Electrics and their team of outdoor enthusiasts. This EBC family member serves both adventuring veterans and newbies to enable longer, more frequent outdoor excursions. They are always excited to connect people with the right brand and equipment fit for their needs. EBC Burn The Ships Models The Model R is a BTSE favorite for its contemporary design and convenient features. The team often recommends the model for its ease of use, solid frame, comfortable riding position, and customization options. Another popular option is the Model S. This …

A Crystal Clear Display

When taking your E-bike out for the first or one-hundredth time, having a user-friendly control panel at your fingertips ensures an enjoyable ride. The LCD Color Screen is equipped on every EBC bike model and has helpful functions for everyone. Whether you ride your bike long distances, use it to commute to school or work, or enjoy scenic rolls around the neighborhood, this display has something for you. The Cycle-ology of LCD Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens offer a matte image that is easy on the eyes, yet bright enough to see clearly at any time of day or night. …

A Wheelie Good Time

Model Y with all the extras. Photo courtesy of Alexa Paige Whether you’re new to E-bikes or a cruising veteran, there are always ways to improve your experience. While we pride ourselves on giving you the ultimate control over your bike’s design, our priority will always be your wellbeing. This week, we have prepared seven tips to help you take charge of your riding experience. 1. Check Your Tires Regularly Just like a car or regular bicycle, your E-bike tires need to be kept at the right pressure for optimal performance. You can find the information for your tires in the …

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