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Customer Spotlight: Lisa Cherry

We are so thankful for our customers, we love to make you happy! And the best thing ever is when we hear from you… Introducing Lisa Cherry, our customer spotlight of the week! We’ve decided to ask her a few questions to get to know her better and her experience in discovering Electric Bike Company.   How did you hear about EBC? I always loved riding and I was looking for something to get me fit and healthy… I thought …

Project Beautiful: Color is Our Passion

Introducing our newest collection: Project Beautiful.This limited-time fall collection brings out the best in our E-bikes! New colors and accessories are now available for the look of your e-bike. Get inspired by the limitless options we have put together for you. Project Beautiful introduces the most original palettes of premium colors that haven’t been seen before. Don’t miss out! EBC takes inspiration for this collection from the 2022 Cycling Classics, specifically the first ever Women’s Tour De France and the …

Mirror, Mirror on My Handlebars…

Three reasons you should consider adding an EBC Rear View Mirror to your EBC bike… Cycling mirrors are an accessory that you should give serious consideration to – especially if you’re spending a lot of time on the road. You wouldn’t dream of driving your car without mirrors… so why do we ride our bikes on the same roads without them?! Eyes Forward Having more information about your immediate environment is always helpful. Your eyes should be trained forward so …

Rent & Ride: A Fun Day Out!

Looking for something fun to do this summer and don’t own an E-Bike? No worries, Rent one and see if the electric bike lifestyle is for you. With six different models and unlimited customization like; rigid or suspension forks, seat posts, direct drive or 7-speed gears for hills, powerfully rated 500w motors, and wheel size options for Petites, all available forpurchase, testing them in person is the best way to decide on the right one for you. Both our showroom …

5 Star Reviews: Going Above and Beyond

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. We’re more than a bike company; we’re a community of riders and learners. This is why we strive for excellence in every area of the Electric Bike Company. Customer service is one of the most important areas to ensure we’re being the very best. EBC sells the best electric bike and the best customer service. We LOVE celebrating you guys, which is why it’s time to shine a light …

EBC Dealer Spotlight: Behind the scenes with Voltaire Cycles

We owe a lot to our retailers. Our partnerships enable us to provide top-level in-person customer service to the EBC community. They’re an extension of us. And if you’ve been lucky enough to visit an EBC retailer, you’ll know just how incredible these bike lovers are. Getting to sit down with our retailers, and find out how they are, how they got where they are, and what makes them so passionate is extremely special to us. In today’s email, we’re …

🏳️‍🌈 Celebrate Pride with EBC!

🏳️‍🌈 IT’S PRIDE MONTH! EBC is ready to celebrate all the wonderful LGBTQ+ riders in our community, and we’d love for you to join us. If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to support pride month, we’ve got some ideas for you… Attend a pride parade. Pride parades are iconic, and one of the best ways to bring people together. What better place to ride your E-Bike. See if there’s a pride parade happening in your local area and …

EBC suspension Seat post

The E-Bike First-Class, Comfort Upgrade is Here!

EBC is a community. A community of electric bike-loving riders dedicated to getting the most out of the cruise. We see you. And we listen. This is how we know how you love a comfortable ride… our answer is our very own EBC suspension seat post. We don’t blame you! Suspension seat posts change the game when it comes to comfort. The added travel length means a smoother ride resulting in no riding-induced back or saddle soreness. And no pain …

Customer Spotlight: A stranger’s recommendation changed everything

Leslie Crumbacher attended a beach party where one EBC lover changed her life forever. While enjoying the celebrations in Bolsa Chica State Beach, Leslie spotted a glistening cherry red cruiser out of the corner of her eye. Propped on a fence at Sea Legs, Leslie couldn’t take her eyes off this showstopping bike! After locating the owner, she asked where she’d bought such a breathtaking bike. She told Leslie it was an electric bike from The Electric Bike Company, and …

Dealer Profile: Moke America, Virginia Beach

If you’ve been riding EBC for a while, using our accessories, or reading our emails, you’ll know we’re super passionate about getting as many EBC bikes into stores. Our incredible dealers allow us to spread our love for electric bikes while serving more of you across America. At an EBC Dealer, you can test drive, design, pick up, and enquire on all things EBC. Our Virginia Beach Dealer, Moke America Virginia Beach, serves the area and we are proud to …

Summer is right around the corner & gas prices are still up…

Save money, get healthy, and go electric! Have you been affected by rising gas prices? I think we all have! Unfortunately, there’s not too much we can do about lowering the cost, but, we can save ourselves money by reducing our gas consumption. Summer is on the horizon, and there’s no better season to experience the adventure of E-biking. Before the season arrives, make sure your electric bike is in great condition. You can use our repair tool kit for …

New Arrival! New Teal Blue EBC Helmet!

At EBC, we’re all about staying young, fun, energetic & carefree. And our signature color options are part of what makes us the iconic brand we are. But, riding around on your brightly painted EBC E-bike, showcasing your color combination, and blaring tunes from your portable speaker just isn’t the same when you’re sporting a bland bike helmet. Grey and blacks might suit some riders, but you need a helmet that’s going to protect your head while matching your vibe. We’re happy to …

Choose your summer color and E-bike in style!

E-Biking in the summer? You might as well do that with some style! Do you have plans to bike in the summer? Come let’s take your biking experience to the next level. You see, just like you, boring is a “no-no” for us. Especially not during summer when everything is colorful. And in that same spirit, buying your e-bike from us has never been more interesting! We have curated some super color combinations for your best e-bikes during summer. Check …

Dealer Profile: National eBike, Palm Coast, Florida

Located in a landscape of rolling hills, fields of green, and bike trails as far as the eye can see, it made sense to set up shop here. Passionate about electric bikes, the National eBike team decided to cater to this ultra-special group of buyers and riders. Since COVID, the popularity of cycling has soared due to more people wanting to exercise, enjoy the outside, and try something new. And this surge in popularity has served the team well. Business …

Save Money on Gas, Ride an E-Bike!

Fed up with splashing the cash on gas? There’s never been a better time to cut carbon emissions and ride instead. Recent global changes have resulted in gas prices soaring. Price increases and the ongoing climate crisis are signs that you need to turn electric. Think how much money you’re spending on gas per week. And remember, this is going to increase in the coming weeks. And now imagine making one, eco-friendly investment that will improve your health and make …

Building Your Bike on a Budget

Part of the Electric Bike Company’s mission is to make electric bikes available to all. Only by increasing the availability of E-bikes will we be able to cut carbon emissions and make riding America’s favorite mode of transport. This is why we offer low-cost options for all our most popular models and colors. Our frame, fork, and chain guard stock colors, red, white, and black, cost $0! You’ll see these super popular colors are the first offered in the customization process. You get all the fun of customizing without …

Play Your Favorite Tunes & Just Ride!

Our EBC Bluetooth wireless portable speakers will provide you with hours of entertainment wherever you may be. Country music, indie melodies, classic rock, or perhaps even a shuffle of favorites, these speakers will accommodate. Set the soundtrack for your E-Biking adventures. Take a look at our EBC Bluetooth Speaker product demonstration! Perfectly Portable Our Bluetooth Speakers are so convenient and completely portable, giving you the freedom to venture outside of your home. Each speaker comes with a built-in bracket so you …

Extended Protection for Your EBC E-bike

We understand your electric bike is your everything. It’s how you get to work and back, it’s your daily exercise, your escape from every day, and your best adventure companion. So, we know you want to do everything possible to protect your E-bike from any unforeseen mishaps. EBC offers a 10-year motor warranty, and a 5-year battery warranty. But for those who want to go the extra mile, we’re now offering an optional extended warranty of +2 years for just …

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