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The Drive for Excellence

One of our mottos here at EBC is to strive for excellence in everything that we do from customized bike assembly to customer service; our goal is to build the best bike that money can offer. At the Electric Bike Company, we follow principles similar to those held by Olympic athletes. We push ourselves each day to do better and to create a better product. Our motivation to be at the top of our game is you, the customer. Like our Olympic ambassadors, we strive and we encourage you all to never give up on your goals, and we hope

Regenerative Braking

You may have heard a term called regenerative braking passed around by various bike brands, Youtube videos, or by other bike owners, but may not have known the context or the implication of the word. This may have led you to ask the question what is regenerative braking? To put it simply regenerative braking is a mechanism that you can attach to either one of your wheels that helps the rider generate electrical currents that run back to the battery with the kinetic energy that is created through the process of braking. Why regenerative braking is viewed so positively is because,

Appreciation Blog

In this post we just want to say Thank You to all our devote customers that have help expand and share our brand around the world. Your pictures, post, and videos brighten up our day and inspire us to continue to develop one of the top tier e-bikes in the United States. We are proud to call Newport Beach our home, and are honored and privilege to have customer as wonderful as you.  We are truly grateful for your continued support and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Electric Bike Company! Safe travels & happy riding!

How You Can Help The Environment With Your E-Bike

As we watch global temperatures rise around the world and witness the planet’s natural terrain change as a result of global warming, we are beginning to realize the impact that we hold over the earth’s environment. While we may be unable correct the damage that has already occurred by decades of greenhouse emissions, we do have the power to mitigate further degradation by looking at alternative sources for fuel and energy that are more environmentally conscious. Over the course of a decade the popularity of electric powered vehicles and alternate modes of transportation has grown immensely. What holds many people

Differences in Bike Class

As a new or prospective electric bike owner, there is a plethora of information that can become overwhelming if you do not have prior experience or knowledge in with this type of product. One question that we get frequently asked here at Electric Bike Company is what class of electric bike do our models belong to and what does each class represent.  In order to explain how our electric bikes are able to smoothly transition between the different classes, we must first examine what exactly is involved with each class:   Class 1: The rider only uses the Pedal Assist

How To Increase The Lifespan of Your Battery

As the winter months are approaching, the period for bikers to hit the road steadily decreases.  In periods in which you feel that you will not be riding your bike as frequently, it is important that you care and store your battery properly during these seasons. To ensure that you maintain optimal battery performance and consistency when riding, there are several steps that will help maintain the health of your battery: #1. Fully Charge Your Battery Before you package and store your battery away it is vitally important that you have your battery fully charged. This is meant to check

Tips for Riding in the Rain

As the season begins to change, we here at EBC thought it was important to highlight some important tips on how to maintain your bike and your safety when riding in wet climates. #1 Check your surroundings and make sure to ride slowly During wet seasons drivers become more tense and road conditions begin to deteriorate. Because of these two reasons, it is important for the rider to be highly aware of their surroundings. Similar to driving, when riding in bad weather it is important to reduce your speed by 1/3rd of the stated speed limit, in order to help

E-Bikes an Easy Entrance Into Fitness

Time and time again, countless studies have shown that being active has multiple health benefits such as improving heart health, our emotional disposition, and increasing our life expectancy. Yet, despite having all these wonderful rewards, working out is one of the hardest decisions that a person will make in their daily lives. The issue is not so much the act of working out itself, but developing the motivation to exercise consistently. Finding the right workout that matches your exercise and lifestyle habits is the key to developing proper motivation and establishing a routine.  For those of you who may be

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