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EBC Helmet

Stay Safe and Stylish!

Our readers and customers know how seriously we take safety. At EBC, safety comes before everything else. We work tirelessly to ensure our bikes are as safe as possible, and our riders know how to correctly navigate the roads while they cruise. Another thing the EBC team is passionate about is style. The EBC community is a group of America’s most stylish riders. It’s why we offer customizable features on all our E-bike models; we want your bike to reflect your personality! With these two factors in mind, we designed the EBC Bike Helmet. Our new safe and stylish bike …

Making the Most of Summer

Cruising down empty streets as the sun turns golden brown. Riding back under street lamps after a delicious dinner with friends. Clearing your head as you absorb the crisp night air. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? In many ways, cycling at dusk can be dreamy! We want to make sure your rides remain blissful. Road safety is essential at all times, but even more so during the darker hours. Next time you’re cruising during twilight, remember these top tips that will keep you safe whilst cycling. Shine Bright The stars in the sky shouldn’t be the only ones …

Set the Soundtrack!

Our EBC Bluetooth wireless portable speakers will provide you with hours of entertainment wherever you may be. Country music, indie melodies, or something more classic, or perhaps even a combination of genres, these speakers will accommodate your every need. Set the soundtrack for your E-Biking adventures with your favorite tunes! Take a look at our EBC Bluetooth Speaker product demonstration! Perfectly Portable Our Bluetooth Speakers are so convenient and completely portable, giving you the freedom to venture outside of your house without a compromise. Each speaker comes with a built-in bracket so that you can attach it directly to your …

Back to School: Make it Easy on an E-Bike!

The back-to-school season is rapidly approaching, and the dreaded question of transportation looms in the air. Give your children some much-needed responsibility and put them in charge of making their own way to school this semester. An E-Bike is the solution to your children’s school run, and here’s why: Beat the bus Sure, the bus might alleviate you from the burden of the school run, but it doesn’t eliminate excuses. How many times have you heard the words, “I missed the bus” or “the bus was late”? Do away with car and bus traffic and motivate your child to take …

Everything you need to know about E-Bike Battery Range & Care

The battery is the beating heart of any electric bike. Understanding your E-bike battery is the key to a long-lasting bike and a smooth ride. Today, we’re talking all things battery and care, so you can understand your E-bike from the inside out. What sets EBC batteries apart from other E-bike batteries? Our batteries are of the highest quality. Every EBC battery surpasses safety tests and promises to be the best on the market. EBC batteries are equipped with Smart Chargers and Smart Battery Management System. Together, these two features ensure your battery lasts as long as possible. On average, …

Making the Best Cruiser List!

An electric beach cruiser is essential for any beach bum. The laid-back beach cruiser is synonymous with the American-California lifestyle. The E-Bike beach cruiser makes this relaxed seventies-inspired bike even more carefree by taking all the hard work out of riding. The E-Bike cruiser lets you cruise along the Los Angeles beachfront in style, without having to move a muscle. Sit back on your low-slung E-Bike and take in the miles of sandy shore and swaying tides and enjoy the view. We’re pretty proud of our electric beach cruiser. And we’re not the only ones who recognize their greatness. EBC’s …

Let’s Talk Class

No two E-Bikes are the same. It’s not just your customizations that set your beloved E-Bike apart! Electric bikes come in different classes. These classes vary according to the speed and throttle of the bike. The bicycle industry introduced E-Bike classes to ensure the safety of riders and other road users. Understanding the class of your E-Bike, can give you more confidence on the road and grant you a better understanding of your super speedy new bike! Please note, the classes outlined in this post are specific to the USA. As electric bikes become increasingly popular, different countries are laying …

Bright Lights Attracting Big Fans!

Nothing gets people’s attention quite like bright lights. Incredible EBC customer, Dan Worthington, showcased his brightly lit E-Bike on our Facebook page. Out on his night rides, Dan ensured he and his light-up two-wheeler would be well seen by oncoming traffic and passers-by— if we’re honest, it would be pretty hard to miss this guy! Dan initially shared his brightly lit bikes in a pre-empted 4th of July post. The video shows two EBC bikes with front baskets and rear cargo carriers standing solo with rows of neon lights attached to the frame. The illuminated lights transition over the frame …

Trading Sand for Cycling

Jake Gibb: Olympic Athlete & EBC Ambassador   “It’s one of the dopest-looking bikes I’ve ever seen!” Like many modern love stories, Jake Gibb fell in love with Electric Bike Company after stumbling across an Instagram picture. The American pro-volleyball player happened across a photograph capturing a bright red e-bike with yellow rims beside the beach. Gibb enthusiastically recalls his first impressions of this show-stopping model: “it was like a killer picture. I saw it, and I thought word haha, who makes this bike?!” It wasn’t long until Jake got in touch with us to express his admiration and order …

Good Exercise Habits with Your E-Bike

Looking to incorporate more exercise into your day? Your E-Bike is a great option for leisure riding that also requires you to expend energy. Did you know that you can burn up to 390 calories an hour riding your E-Bike? If you want more exercise, simply set the pedal-assist to a lower setting. Especially enjoyable for riders who love cycling but suffer from joint pain or physical impairments, E-Bikes provide low-impact cardio which is easier on your joints but still provides a great calorie burn. The best bit? You’ll go further and see more on your E-Bike because you’ve got …

E-Bikes for the Win

If you have just recently purchased your first E-bike, or you’re still considering buying one, you may not know about all the benefits that come with it. We could list dozens of pros, but we don’t want to keep you here all day. Instead, we have listed our top three benefits below! Ride longer distances with pedal assist Every E-Bike comes with pedal assist, a machine that helps you pedal to reduce stress on your knees and thighs. This enables you to ride longer distances with less effort and is easier on riders who need a little extra help. Environmentally …

The Time to Retire Your Tires

When do you need new tires? At EBC, we have created highly elastic tires that are extremely puncture and cut-resistant to ensure your safety and long-term enjoyment. Until we can invent a tire that lasts forever, your tires will still need to be replaced over time and with use. How soon you need new ones, really depends on how often you ride your E-bike, and the conditions in which you ride it. Signs that it’s Time Here are three signs that it is time to get some new tires. 1. Repeated Flats If your tires are repeatedly going flat, this …

Let’s be Friends on Instagram

(Insta)ntly see how other customers are enjoying their cruisers! Building community is one of our favorite ways to connect with you, which is why we use our EBC Instagram page to post product videos, reviews, event updates, customer spotlights, and other updates. You can learn so much about our E-bikes and other products simply by scrolling through your feed, and see how other customers are enjoying their cruisers of their own. Research Future Purchases We are constantly posting product reviews, videos, and news on our page so you can stay up-to-date with ease. We recently posted a video on our …

A Pawesome Accessory for Pet Owners

It’s hard to resist an animal standing near the door with perked ears and a wagging tail, ready to go on an adventure. There are countless ways to spend time with your furry friends other than playing fetch and going on walks. Take your pet with you in our Basil Buddy Dog Carrier Basket & Cover Combo. For the Pets We Love like Children If you ride your E-bike to the grocery store, run errands, or just to get outside for some fresh air, you have the perfect opportunity to bring your dog with you. Expand their horizons and let …

Kids and Cargo

Going on bike rides together is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family, especially during the warm months that we are enjoying right now. If you want to bring cargo though, cramming everything in a backpack can weigh you down, and traveling with infants/toddlers requires reliable equipment to ensure their safety and comfort. EBC’s selection of E-bike trailers are built with sturdy frames and plenty of space to ensure kids and cargo are safe and comfortable. Pile on the Cargo Packing cargo for beach trips, picnics, sports parks, and more requires space a backpack can’t often …

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