Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built




We are an electric bike company like no other. Our Dealers are an extension of the Electric Bike Company family. We are here to support your growing business.

Dealer Option 1: EBC Design Wall

Upgrade your store and increase profits with our state-of-the-art EBC Design Wall. A fun, interactive screen provides customers the opportunity to design their own e-bikes in the comfort of your retail store. Sure to draw crowds, the EBC Design Wall has proven to generate $1-5 million in annual revenue. 

EBC Design Wall Includes: 

  • Touch-Screen Monitor – Size options: 75”, 65”, 55” or 43” 
  • Design Wall Components – custom color rear rack, front basket, battery case, fenders, chain guards, rims, and tire samples 
  • Sample paint chips of more than 40 colors
  • Suggested wall space is 10′ x 8’
  • Floor space required:
    • 8’ x 4’ for bike and platform
  • 1 x Display Bike of Choice – (display platform may also be purchased)
  • 1 x Demo Bike of Choice
  • Custom Helmets & Display Rack  

“We were one of the first dealers to have the interactive design wall. We have found it to be very valuable in helping customers choose their options and colors.”

– Let’s Glow LED, Clearwater, Florida

EBC Design Kiosk

Dealer Option 2:  EBC Design Kiosk

Compact, simple, and revenue generating, the EBC Mobile Design Kiosk offers a unique user-experience similar to the Design Wall for smaller spaces. Much like our EBC Design Wall, the kiosk allows customers to customize their own EBC e-bike with an interactive touch screen display. Perfect for dealers wanting to elevate their showroom floors with the EBC brand and an interactive customer experience, the kiosk complements our display bike on the wooden platform and custom helmet stand with 16 color helmets.

EBC Dealer Kiosk Includes:

  • Dealer Kiosk with interactive 32” touch screen display and stand
  • Mobile battery or Plugin power source options
  • Minimal floor space required: 
    • 2’ x 2’ space for Kiosk
    • 8’ x 4’ space for bike and platform
    • Height 6’ x Width 2’ x Depth 2’  – Helmet Stand
  • Minimal set-up required
  • Plug & Play and automatic updates
  • 1 x Display Bike of Choice – Optional Platform
  • 1 x Demo Bike of Choice 
  • Custom Helmets Display Rack with 16 helmets

“The TV order process makes it fun and easy to build their bike and to touch and feel all the accessories makes it an easy choice to pick colors and equipment.”

– Moke America, Virgina Beach

Dealer Option 3: EBC Mobile Enterprise

Recently launched, our EBC Mobile Enterprise enables entrepreneurs to own their own business and sell fully customizable e-bikes, E-HelmetsTM, and EBC accessories from anywhere. Your EBC Corporate Sprinter Van, including point of sale kiosk and credit card processing, provide the opportunity to generate revenue with minimal overhead. Fully mobile and flexible, dealers choose their own hours, events, customers, and location(s), EBC provides everything else, including product, sales training, and post-sales U.S.-based customer service. Already an EBC dealer? The mobile addition allows you to expand your business to events, functions, and personal house calls.

Taking EBC bikes on the road:

  • Trade Shows
  • Community Events
  • Farmers Markets
  • Holiday Boutiques
  • Individual Appointments
  • Resorts/Hotels
  • Airbnb Sales

EBC Mobile Enterprise Includes:

  • Optional Corporate Spring Van
  • Mobile battery-powered kiosk for designing e-bikes and processing orders on-the-go
  • Display EBC e-bike on display platform 
  • Demo e-bike
  • Helmet display stand with 16 custom color display helmets
  • Accessory stand with EBC-branding and Basil accessories
  • Tool Kit (Chargers and Emergency Parts)
  • Chair and table
  • Optional branded trailer for additional bike inventory
  • EBC brochures
  • EBC business cards
  • Access to all EBC online marketing content