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EBC Bike Covers

Storing your E-Bike for a prolonged period or keeping it outside? Check out our EBC purpose-made covers… Your E-Bike is pretty special… and it deserves to be stored properly. Looking after your E-Bike well will ensure years of riding pleasure. Bikes are always best stored indoors but sometimes that’s just not practical. If you need … Read more

10 Reasons to Choose EBC

10 reasons to choose EBC

1. Made in USA: (Parts, Tools, Engineers, 24/7 Customer Service)

That’s right! We build all our bikes right here in California, USA. Our extensive team of experts builds each bike one by one for our customers, ensuring the highest quality and precision build every time. Sealed bearings and rust-resistant hardware and parts for durability, and large comfort saddle and hand stitched leather grips for comfort, we don’t leave any detail untouched.


2. 28 mph Motor Capability with 10-Year Warranty: 

Our industry-leading warranty goes above and beyond. No other company can compare. With 24/7 customer service, we are there for our customers should they need assistance. We always resolve and provide a solution. The satisfaction of our customers is always our priority.


3. Highest Quality Battery Cells with 5-Year Warranty: 

We choose only the highest-quality batteries for dependability and safety. All batteries come with a 5-year warranty giving buyers 100% peace of mind when purchasing our electric bikes.

4. Long-Range:

All our bikes have optimal long-range, but we are the onlycompany to offer additional upgrade options, increasing riding range to a possible 200-mile range for some of our models. It’s obvious what this means… you can travel farther on a single charge than other brands of E-bikes.

5. Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

Only the highest quality brakes are included on our e-bikes;  EBC disc brakes provide more stopping power than mechanical disc brakes.

6. Puncture Resistant Tires with Reflective Side Walls

Only the best reinforced tires with performance casing and puncture protection, perfect for the high mileage of an E-bike. Durability and comfort combined provides the smoothest ride.


7. Color Display with USB Port, Automatic Light Sensor, Integrated Lights & Upgraded Technology Package

Our newest addition, now available on all our models is the Upgraded Technology Package. Our latest integrated innovation includes; brake lights, turn signals, high/low beam, and an auto-light sensor that provides safety for low-light riding when you forget. Lights will turn on and off, turn on automatically, or can be continuous when needed. You can enjoy added visibility when riding at night or in low-visibility. 

8.  Anti-Theft Alarm System: 

Built-in and ready to go offered on all our electric bikes adds a layer of security for our bike owners, reducing the likelihood of theft and financial loss.

9. Fast Charger and Upgraded EBC Tool Kit: 

What more do you need, recharge after each ride and be ready for the next. Both included with every bike purchase; upgraded tool kit includes a hand pump, CO2 cartridge, self-sealing tire gel and lots more, has all the “must-haves” to keep your bike riding smoothly.

10. EBC QC Authentication Card: 

Every custom built bike comes with an QC card with the name of the EBC bike builder whom built, inspected and packed your bike, including the bikes individual serial number.


Electric Bike Company offers the perfect combination of power, safety, security, and comfort making our E-bikes the top choice for electric bike enthusiasts. We dare you to compare… 

If you can find a better feature on another brand of E-Bike, please let us know. We would love to talk to you about EBC’s best-ride policy.


Visit our website, walk into one of our California showrooms, or talk to your local dealer about our industry leading E-Bikes today.

Customer Spotlight: Lisa Cherry

We are so thankful for our customers, we love to make you happy! And the best thing ever is when we hear from you… Introducing Lisa Cherry, our customer spotlight of the week! We’ve decided to ask her a few questions to get to know her better and her experience in discovering Electric Bike Company.


How did you hear about EBC?

I always loved riding and I was looking for something to get me fit and healthy… I thought about an electric bike. That’s when I discovered the Electric Bike Company. I found a Model S. I had done my research and found that EBC suited me and my budget over some overpriced brands. After being underwhelmed and unimpressed with other e-bike brands and their over-the-top prices. I had a good feeling about EBC.

I could see that EBC bikes were so well built, down to every component. I was also very impressed with the idea of fully customized bikes!


How do you like your Model F?

It was so worth the wait. I LOVE THE BIKE. I had a small fear of riding, but after test-riding a few models and with the help of the Electric Bike Company staff, I was able to conquer my fear. The Model F is a great bike and I feel comfortable on it. It completely suits my on-the-go lifestyle, it goes everywhere with me. It’s super solid, stable, and very fast!

I ride with my neighbor who owns a Model Y. We connected over the love of riding and being able to go further than on a regular pedal bike. We head out on some great rides together and love it! It’s fun to ride with someone else!


How was your overall experience with EBC?

I am super impressed with the quality of the parts & components used. They are so well-built and the quality is like nothing I’ve seen before. EBC completely stands by its products and its bikes to make sure customers are completely happy! I think EBC bikes are well made with lots of thought! What more could you want?

Thank you to Lisa for answering our questions and providing us with great feedback on your EBC experience. We know this will help others in the process of buying their electric bike. Let us know how we can get you out riding on an E-Bike today, contact the EBC team if you have any questions.

Have fun riding!

Project Beautiful: Color is Our Passion

Introducing our newest collection: Project Beautiful.This limited-time fall collection brings out the best in our E-bikes! New colors and accessories are now available for the look of your e-bike. Get inspired by the limitless options we have put together for you. Project Beautiful introduces the most original palettes of premium colors that haven’t been seen before. Don’t miss out!

EBC takes inspiration for this collection from the 2022 Cycling Classics, specifically the first ever Women’s Tour De France and the bright array of rainbow colors within the cycling peloton. We all watch in awe as the men’s and women’s racing teams flew by the European countryside in stunning color. Color is our passion here at EBC, and it’s our goal to celebrate it.

We did this by creating “Project Beautiful”. Our Fall collection offers unique and revolutionary designs. We utilize cutting-edge paint technology, airbrush techniques and detailing. We have customized your E-Bikes with paints full of texture, color shifts, metallics, custom treatments, and fading that gives depth and mood.


Our expert team of artists and builders have crafted the bike of your dreams. Designed and assembled here in the U.S.A, EBC’s Fall Collection is produced with only the highest quality materials. We build our bikes with passion and to the best of our ability.

Check out our launch sneak peeks on Instagram and the full collection on our website. Be the first to own a Project Beautiful bike with our new eye-catching colors and innovative designs. The only limitation was our imagination, so think big and ride the bike of your dreams!

Mirror, Mirror on My Handlebars…

Three reasons you should consider adding an EBC Rear View Mirror to your EBC bike…


Cycling mirrors are an accessory that you should give serious consideration to – especially if you’re spending a lot of time on the road. You wouldn’t dream of driving your car without mirrors… so why do we ride our bikes on the same roads without them?!

Eyes Forward

Having more information about your immediate environment is always helpful. Your eyes should be trained forward so you know where you are going but what happens when things come at you from different directions?

While you may have great peripheral vision because you’re constantly scanning your environment for obstacles around you, you can only really see about 180 degrees from left to right. Bad drivers, holes in the road, dogs, suddenly opening car doors and other road dangers mean you shouldn’t have to glance over your shoulder for even a second and risk an accident.

Your EBC Rear View Mirror keeps your eyes on the road ahead and gives you true awareness of your surroundings – without the possibility of veering or swerving because you have to move your head quickly.

A mirror also means you don’t have to rely solely on your hearing to be aware of situations that might be behind you – a sense that is less reliable because of competing noise like headwinds and loud traffic. It’s also important to remember that there’s been a big increase in virtually silent electric cars on the roads these days which can sneak up on you without warning.


Safety First

It is generally accepted that traveling in groups provides cyclists more visibility to other road traffic – there’s safety in numbers… right? But what about when you don’t have your cycling companions around you? Riding safely by yourself because it’s not always convenient or practical to travel in a group.

An EBC Rear View Mirror allows you to be aware of cars approaching you from behind. Most of the time, drivers will see you, slow down, and/or move over to pass. You will learn to tune most of these people out over time as they’re generally not a threat.

The more you use your rearview mirror, the better you will become at anticipating the actions of drivers around you so you can take action to avoid those who crowd you or are not paying attention.

Your rear-view mirror also enables you to detect traffic approaching from behind much further away than if you rely on your hearing alone. This means you can often position yourself on the road to ensure that cars do not try to squeeze past you unsafely and as a result, drivers are more aware of you earlier.


Group Travel

You might be a rider who always travels in a group – a practice that’s generally accepted to be safer.  Despite your best intentions, your group may not always stay together. You might find you’re spread out in a lane or riding single file.

Your EBC Rear View Mirror will enable you to give your fellow riders a “heads up” that there’s a car approaching. It’s good cycling etiquette to let fellow riders know if there’s a risky situation that could place the group or individual members in harm’s way.

Drivers often must gauge when it’s safe to pass and this could happen at a time one of your group without a mirror is also attempting to pass. Your greater road awareness can prevent accidents and keep you and your group safer.

Your mirror will also give you the confidence and awareness to pass other riders safely. Rearview mirrors just make sense – especially if you’re a road warrior.

Find out more about the EBC Rear View Mirror that securely attaches to either side of your handlebars:

Rent & Ride: A Fun Day Out!

Looking for something fun to do this summer and don’t own an E-Bike? No worries, Rent one and see if the electric bike lifestyle is for you.

With six different models and unlimited customization like; rigid or suspension forks, seat posts, direct drive or 7-speed gears for hills, powerfully rated 500w motors, and wheel size options for Petites, all available forpurchase, testing them in person is the best way to decide on the right one for you. Both our showroom locations at Newport and Huntington Beach offer rentals that you can enjoy for the day. Ride them around town, take them to work, or go on a trail, and try as many as you want before making a final decision!


Models to Try

The Model C is one of our most popular e-bikes. We recommend this model for people new to electric bikes for its classic style and sleek appearance. 

For an easy step-through, try the Model S. This is another classic model with a low frame for bikers who want an easier time getting on and off their bike. 

And of course don’t forget our Model X, Y, R, and E. All of our models have been awarded Top Rated E-Cruiser four years in a row by Electric Bike Review.


Making Reservations

Reservations can be made Monday – Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM, or Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM. A 1-hour rental costs $25, while multiple hours cost $20 per hour.

Call the nearest showroom to make your reservations today.


Newport Beach Electric Bike Company Showroom

1510 Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA, 92627
(949) 877-8606

Huntington Beach Electric Bike Company Showroom

21501 Brookhurst Street
Huntington Beach, CA, 92646
(714) 594-3321

Visit our website to view our other models and decide which one you want to try first!

E-Bike Beach Rentals

5 Star Reviews: Going Above and Beyond

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. We’re more than a bike company; we’re a community of riders and learners. This is why we strive for excellence in every area of the Electric Bike Company. Customer service is one of the most important areas to ensure we’re being the very best. … Read more