New Alarm System
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New Alarm System

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Electric Bike Company continues to improve and expand its many unique features. Here are some features of our unique battery pack system. We have worked closely with our battery manufacturer to get the best design for our bikes and for our customers.

We can add an alarm system inside the battery pack. When you leave your bike, lock the bike as you would a car, by hitting the lock button on the control. This turns on the alarm feature. The alarm will engage when someone moves your bike, or when the bike experiences some movement. To disarm the alarm, hit the unlock button on the control. Never worry about leaving your ebike unattended!

Our batteries also come with an internal charger that plugs into any outlet. This allows for ease of use, wherever you are. In addition, our connectors are waterproof, perfect for any weather location. These are made to withstand the rain, snow, and beach side conditions. Another feature is the built in LED light on the back of the battery. You can also read the level of charge by pressing the button level indicator button at the end of the battery, above the rear LED light. An external charging port is available to charge your battery away from the pack.

A locking mechanism secures the battery in place and enhances the security feature. When unlocked, you can remove the battery from the external shell, to charge the battery. We only use authorized and certified Samsung 18-650 cells, commonly used in electric vehicles such as Tesla and BMW. A smart BMS manages the life span of the battery and allows us to offer a five year warranty on the battery pack.

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