100% Built in California

Ships Fully Assembled from our factory


 THE ELECTRIC BIKE COMPANY DIFFERENCE                                                                         

  • Built entirely in Newport Beach, Calif., USA
  • Made to order and completely customizable, from color to branding to        accessories
  • Factory direct to consumer business model, meaning no unnecessary markups like those that are placed on imported e-bikes
  • Five-year warranty on the battery
  • 10-year warranty on the motor and frame
  • 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked 


After an isolated battery fire incident on one of their bikes in March 2017, Sean and his staff dedicated themselves to creating the safest, most technologically-sound e-bike and battery on the market. To do this, Sean bought into Turn-Life, a battery company that produces batteries for electric bikes, boats, golf carts and more.

In doing this, Sean and his engineers completely redesigned the old Electric Bike Company battery to include two temperature sensors in each battery pack that relay a warning to the Smart Battery Management System if the battery becomes too hot. If this happens, the system immediately shuts off the battery, thus reducing the risk of a fire to almost none. In addition, each cell within the battery is now individually inspected and fused by Turn-Life engineers before it is put onto a bike to ensure maximum safety and quality.


  • The Model C – Classic: The classic electric beach cruiser that embodies the California lifestyle.
  • The Model S – Step Through: Don’t worry about hoisting yourself over the seat. Rather, comfortably step through the center of the bike and simply take a seat.


Every detail of both models is meticulously inspected and selected to make each bike a true, custom work of art.

The Frame: Each one endures a seven-step process that includes painting, cleaning, base primer, three coats of paint, and two coats of clear sealant.

The Motor: The 500w rated motor is excellent for continuous use (normal riding only needs about 200-330 watts)

The Brakes: Electric Bike Company only uses top of the line hydraulic disc brakes that won’t rust, decay, snap or fail.

The Tires: Each tire is individually enhanced with puncture resistant sealant to protect tire against holes of up to 3mm.

The Rims: Since e-bikes are heavier, faster and used far more often than regular cruisers, Electric Bike Company installs double walled rims, suitable for some motor bikes, to ensure maximum safety.

The Throttle: Twist throttles can be very dangerous for electric bike riders, especially when lifting the bike over curbs and obstacles. Electric Bike Company bikes have thumb throttles, making them much more user-friendly.

The Luxury: All seats and grips are made with real leather and hand stitching. A multi-level, compact, user friendly screen tells riders their speed and the time and is equipped with a convenient USB outlet for charging phones, playing music and more.



“Electric Bike Company is the only brand in its category building its bikes from scratch in the United States.”

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“Whether you’re headed to the beach, to lunch or to and from work, Electric Bike Company cruisers are the perfect vehicle for those looking to enjoy the journey and the destination.”

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“Lupton-Smith explained that the bike’s 193 parts are made around the world, including in China, but they come back to Newport Beach to be inspected… Maintaining quality control is something that carried over from the company owner’s past as a restaurateur.”

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“The biggest compliment the Weekly received with our first issue in 1995 came from readers who said it seemed as if we’d already been around for years and years. I felt the same way about my loaner bike, even though the Electric Bike Company has only been around since 2014. Everywhere you turn (literally), it’s as if someone was really thinking about making the best available experience for the rider, and everything seems so familiar.”

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“Electric Bike Company, a brand that’s staying true to its roots by crafting custom cruisers right here in SoCal.”

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