Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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A Senior Cycling Revolution…

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Have you noticed? Something’s happening among our senior population… They’ve discovered the benefits of electric bikes and they’re recruiting their friends, spouses, and families at a rate of knots! E-Bikes have revolutionized cycling for our more mature customers allowing them to reclaim the thrill of riding a bike again – even though they may be suffering from joint pain or reduced mobility.

More than just a recreational activity, seniors are using their E-Bikes as a means of transportation – to get out and pick up a few items from the store, to visit friends, and to run errands in their own neighborhoods. In countries like the Netherlands, it’s believed that E-Bikes will actually outweigh traditional bicycle sales precisely because they make cycling so accessible.


Help When You Need It

The technology that has allowed our savvy seniors to get back on their bikes includes pedal assist and throttle. This functionality allows them to ride for longer, go further, at a comfortable speed – all with the confidence that they’ll be able to make it home again!

Pedal assist gives you a “push” when you start pedaling by powering up your E-Bike’s motor automatically to make pedaling easier. You still have to pedal, but pedal assist makes pedaling easier so you don’t have to work too hard. You can choose the level of pedal assist you want so if you’re feeling fresh and full of energy, you might choose a lower level so you can still get a workout. If you’re simply wanting to get out for some fresh air and you really don’t want to work hard, you can bump up pedal assist, so you don’t have to work much at all.

Getting a boost from the throttle doesn’t require pedaling at all – instead, the throttle uses the E-Bike motor to propel you forward. With a little time in the saddle, it’s easy to work out how to use pedal assist and throttle together to give you the perfect ride, time after time.


Health Benefits for Seniors

We all know that to stay healthy and age slowly, we need to get an appropriate amount of physical activity. The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week. E-Biking is a great way for seniors to achieve this. While E-Biking may not deliver the same level of physical activity as riding a regular bike, it does deliver active minutes and as E-Bikers tend to ride longer and more often than regular riders, they get more exercise than regular riders.

Why do senior E-Bikers get more activity than non E-Bikers? The biggest reason is that they love it! It’s an enjoyable, easier, less painful, way to log more active minutes – all while having fun!

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about turning to E-Biking later in life.


Old Guy New Bike

I had researched electric bikes for the last year before deciding to purchase the model R from Electric Bike Co. I needed a bike that was strong enough to support my size, and weight, 6′, 260 lbs. I am 68 years old with COPD. I enjoy riding motorcycles but wanted the experience of riding a bike as I had when I was younger. This bike checked all the requirements that I needed. It puts the fun back into riding a bike. There is plenty of power from pedal assist, and more than enough from just the motor. The brakes are smooth and strong. I suggest the 14ah battery for ease of charging and plenty of range. I also suggest the suspension seat post.

Bill, Trust Pilot Review


New lease on life due to riding your bike.

Had the bike now for six months. Could not ride a normal bike having knee problems from playing sport for forty plus years. I am nearly 59 years old and now I ride my e-bike to work every second day a total of 24 km per day. I have done 1200 km on it and had it serviced once and I am loving it. My fitness levels have increased so much that I now prefer riding the bike than swimming or kayaking. I live in Canberra and we are blessed in this city to have a brilliant network of bike paths only thing I have to worry about is the occasional kangaroo hopping across my path. Thanks so much for providing such a great bike to ride.

Tim Pini, Trust Pilot Review


This is the BEST Bike EVER!

I have had my electric bike company bike now, for about a year, I LOVE it!  I blew my knee out last June and was unable to ride my regular bike. No problem with the electric bike…I flew everywhere! Now my knee is finally fine but, I still prefer to ride my electric bike (sometimes I feel a little guilty, it is so easy to ride…like an exercise bike with no tension on) LOL. It is super for going to the grocery stores. It doesn’t matter how much the load weighs; you just kick it up to whatever assist level you need. I also used to have to ride early in the morning because I hated riding in the heat…not with the electric bike. It is a joy!
(By the way, I am 66).

I LOVE this Bike!

Sarah Kopy, Trust Pilot Review

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