Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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7-Speed vs Direct Drive: What suits me?

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Trying to decide between a 7-speed and direct drive e-bike? You can’t go wrong either way, your choice simply depends on your needs. Long hauls with lots of cargo may require a direct drive e-bike because it can go faster despite a lesser range. For a zippier ride with mixed terrain, a 7-speed may be more your vibe despite a lower speed. If you’re already riding a direct drive, no problem, you can still convert your e-bike to a 7-speed; let’s break it down for you.


Direct Drive: The EBC Standard

If you’re searching for efficiency while traveling longer distances at higher speeds, a direct drive motor may be your best bet. Direct drive needs less maintenance. Your EBC bikes still have 5 levels for both the throttle and pedal assist with direct drive to get you from point A to point B effortlessly. Please make sure you charge after every ride. Because if your batteries dies in the middle of the a ride, you’d wish you had 7 speed, and this is why…


7-Speed: Gimme That Torque!

And when it comes to the 7-speed, there’s a lot of talk about torque. Torque is just a technical way of saying pickup. Basically, a 7-speed geared E-Bike give you more options. Do you prefer pushing a harder gear to get more of a workout; or ride an easy gear with less stress on the legs? Either way 7-Speed give you that choice. The selection of gears can make your ride a more enjoyable one and most importantly easier to travel up the hills. As you can see there are many benefits!


Upgrade to 7-Speed

All EBC bikes come standard as direct drive with an optional 7-speed upgrade on all of our models for an additional $149. If you’ve already purchased an EBC bike that’s direct drive, no sweat, you can still make the switch with our 7-Speed Kit.


We recommend speaking to your local E-Bike specialist about the conversion, as it does require bike knowledge. If your local to Orange County, even better talk to our team of specialists we will get you rolling.

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