7 Reasons Why You Do Not Need a 7 Speed Electric Bike
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7 Reasons Why You Do Not Need a 7 Speed Electric Bike

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We get many questions about what distinguishes our electric bikes from other traditional bikes. As the name suggests, our electric bikes stand out mainly in the battery power. Our electric bikes stand out in many other ways, as well. One main difference is our bikes do not have traditional gearshifts. Here are 7 reasons why you do not need a 7 speed Electric bike:

  1. 7 speed mechanical gears are notoriously unreliable
  2. They are very costly to maintain
  3. The chain has a high likelihood of coming off during each ride
  4. Cable actuated brakes erode, stretch and rust over time, leading to endless tweaking and constant adjustments
  5. Our motors already come with 5 levels of assist – starting at 20% and going up to 100% assist
  6. You have the ability to add 100% power through your throttle should you need any extra gearing
  7. Your electrical gearing is 1000 times more reliable than the mechanical gearing of traditional bike

To get your electric bike today or for more information, visit ElectricBikeCompany.com or contact info@www.electricbikecompany.com

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