5 Reasons why you should own an Electric Bike Company bike
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5 Reasons why you should own an Electric Bike Company bike

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5. Ride Further, Faster

Having a 500w motor assist you while pedaling means you have the ability to go 50+ miles per charge. When the motor engages, you will find yourself zipping up hills and cruising over rough terrain with little to no effort. The harder you pedal, the bigger the boost and the faster you’ll ride. Commuting with an Electric Bike Company bike gives you versatility while riding and allows you to be in full control of how big of an assist you get. Pedal on the highest level with motor assist to reach a maximum speed of 28 MPH, or just cruise while pressing the thumb throttle without pedaling. Shave minutes off your next commute while still enjoying the ease of your ride.

4. Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is much easier said than done, and in today’s fast-paced world, making extra time to get moving can be a challenge – especially if you suffer from health problems or other physical limitations. While these may seem like a setback or obstacle for many, there are still ways to get outside and continue an active lifestyle. One way to increase mobility and improve wellness is by riding an Electric Bike Company cruiser. The common criticism to this notion is that an electric bike has a motor assisting the rider, so how can this possibly be considered exercise? By having control over the level of power/assist, you’re able to select a low level of power to increase your movement while still enjoying a low impact ride. This allows for increased capability to ride manually overtime and encourages overall physical activity.

Healthier Lifestyle
Healthier Lifestyle

3. Go Green

Driving less and riding more drastically lowers your carbon footprint. Driving a car will release gases that cause climate change, as well as pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide, which contribute to smog and health problems. Studies also show that cars release 200 more grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer than electric bikes. And did you know that short trips by car actually pollute the air more per mile than long trips? By replacing your car with an electric bike for those daily 5 to 10-mile trips, you can decrease your impact on global warming pollution by 1,000 lbs and increase your savings by $1,287 per year (based on an average commute of 30 miles a day). If an eco-friendly world means anything to you, let Electric Bike Company bikes play a role in your future and the future of our planet.

Go Green
Go Green

2. Ride more, sweat less

For a daily commute, people will often shy away from a mode of transportation that requires them to exert large amounts of energy, since there are very few people who want to show up to a meeting or important lunch sweaty. Studies show that those commuting on an e-bike will sweat 3 times less and have a heart rate 60 beats slower than those commuting on a standard bike. Since you only have to pedal as hard as you desire, even when you reach those hilly areas, your Electric Bike Company bike’s motor will get you to the top with ease.  

Ride More, Sweat Less
Ride More, Sweat Less

1. Have More Fun

Electric bikes also bring the fun and wonder back into riding a bike. After one pedal stroke or flick of the throttle, you will feel the difference immediately. It is impossible to ride an Electric Bike Company cruiser without smiling. Our cruisers allow you to ride to places you never thought were possible thanks to the motorized assist. You will begin to find that there are days when your Electric Bike Company e-bike motivates you to get moving when you otherwise might not want to. Adventures that would normally take all day to complete are now achieved in 6 hours or less, all while leaving you with a full tank of energy. This means you get to thoroughly enjoy both the journey and the destination.

Have More Fun
Have More Fun

Click here to customize your own Electric Bike Company bike and let the fun begin!

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