Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

Made in USA (see how we do it) . Bikes Ship Fully Built

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10 Questions, 10 Answers

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To help you decide what’s important when deciding which E-Bike to purchase, we’ve put together a list of ten things you should consider.


Q: Why is it important that my electric bike is built here in the USA?

A:  Buying a bike that’s built and assembled here in the US means that the right tools, parts, and components are close by should you need any of them. Another important reason is customer support. Having all the bike building and maintenance infrastructure right here means that you’ll get a better level of customer service and support with much shorter wait times.

Also, because your bike is built here in the USA, we can deliver it to your door fully assembled. Most other electric bike companies deliver your bike in pieces and you need to assemble it – something that’s not a simple task. Your EBC electric bike, however, is pre-built and packaged safely in a box. All you need to do is open the box and twist your handlebars into place. The work is done for you.  All the electrical cables are connected so you don’t have to wait to take your new best friend for a spin!


Q:  What do I need to know about the battery warranty?

A:  Batteries are a significant contributor to the cost of your E-Bike so you want to make sure you’re getting the best warranty you can. You should look for a warranty that lasts you a significant period of time. At EBC, we offer an extended 5-year warranty – one of the best in the market. We also provide support, service, repair, and maintenance for your battery right here in the USA.


Q:  Can I design my bike my way?

A:  Yes! Electric bikes are awesome. You’re going to want to ride yours everywhere… trust us!  They are also an investment. So, it’s great to be able to customize your bike to suit how you’re going to use it. With a company like EBC, you can go online and choose a variety of options including color, trim, rim style, suspension, seat, grips, the size of your battery, whether you’d like a basket… the list goes on.  We help you design your bike your way because one size definitely doesn’t fit all with electric bikes. 


Q:  Why is having access to a nationwide service network important?

A:  Having access to a nationwide service network makes maintaining and repairing your E-Bike more convenient and hassle-free.  We have a national agreement with a few companies including Velofix. To service your E-Bike, Velofix will come to your home, your office or wherever you ride.  These professional, experienced, independent mobile bike mechanics are fully equipped to service, repair and maintain your bike.


Q:  Why do I need hydraulic disc brakes?

A: Hydraulic disc brakes makes braking safer and easier and should be a requirement when you’re deciding between electric bike manufacturers. E-Bikes can get up to speed pretty quickly so it’s really important to have excellent brakes you can trust. Our hydraulic disc brakes stop you quickly and safely every time while allowing you to keep your hands safely on the handlebars.


Q:  Why are integrated bearings important?

A:  At EBC, we use integrated bearings to protect them from rust and degradation. Because they’re not open to the air, dirt, and moisture, they last 10-15 times as long as exposed bearings. This means that your bike will be stable and work as it’s designed to for years to come.


Q:  Why are double-walled rims an important feature?

A:  High quality tires need high quality rims. Double walls mean that there are two walls protecting your spokes and tube. Double walls are also much more structurally sound than a single walled rim.  Double walled rims are standard on all EBC E-Bikes.  We build our own rims for this reason.


Q:  Are puncture resistant tires a necessity for my electric bike?

A:  Electric bikes allow you to go faster and further than a regular bike so puncture resistant tires are an important consideration.  You don’t want to deal with punctures when you’re miles from home. In our opinion, puncture resistant tires should be another prerequisite when you’re choosing your new E-Bike.


Q:  Why should I purchase an E-Bike with an internally geared motor?

A:  When you have a powerful motor delivering over 1,000 watts, you want that wattage delivered directly to your motor. External gears require additional maintenance and tend to reduce the power output.


Choosing the right E-Bike can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Check out this chart for a side-by-side breakdown of all our models to see how they compare.

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